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Introduction to aerospace dreamer - Jung-wook Kim

Hi, my name is Jung-wook Kim.
Before introducing myself, let me speak about something other then myself first.

Has anyone here have heard about Rubik's cube? Probably you would have, or at least seen it once before even if you don't know about it. It is a cube that is composed of 27 smaller cubes that can spin freely about the axis. Anyone who tried solving them at least once would know how much it is hard to solve them. That's why many become amazed when somebody solve them. For me however, the curiosity was greater than the shock and amazement of that miraculous sight. Today, I enjoy solving these puzzles in my free time.

Just like the example I have given you, I am a man of curiosity; that is to say, I love to take interest in things all around me. That might be why my friends call me nosy sometimes.

I think that would be enough for a brief introduction on my nature. now, let me introduce about my past experiences.

When I was about 9, my father went to Britain as an interchange professor. As a young boy, living in a new world speaking a new language was unfamiliar to me. But what isolated me the most was the fact that the school I went to was quite far away from where I lived. No friends lived near me, and that was when science became a friend to me.

In 2001, I came back to Korea. I had some hard time getting used to a new world around me, but finally overcame those difficulties.

The one I choose as the most important experience in my life happened in 2006. I somehow earned an opportunity to participate in International Space Camp, which became a turning-point of my life. Before then, I only had a vague outlook of the future. I only thought that I would become somebody involved with physics, as that was something I took interest in.

At the camp, however, I got impressed at the machineries that took humans into the outer space. I felt that this was something I was born for. I strongly felt that I've learned physics in will of God because this road was the road that was made for me. That was when my dreams, dreams for space came to me.

In near future, I plan to study advanced physics and aerospace engineering. It would be a challenging work, but I believe I'll get on through.

Thank you for listening.


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    잘썼다 +_+. 그런데 살짝 필요없는 부분도 보이고.. 조금만 더 다듬어봐
    밥사주면 도와줄수있다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    2007.10.05 15:37
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    승태공이 고쳐준거?

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    오우 자신감..ㅋㅋ

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    이정도면 3분 되나??

    2007.10.07 00:10

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